Stephanie K

After going on exchange to Europe at the young age of 12, Stephanie fell in love with traveling. Since then, she has prioritized visiting as many parts of the world as she can, as often as she can.

Aside from travel, another passion of Stephanie’s is athletics. Having participated in summer camps and various sports since she was a child, Stephanie has remained active throughout adulthood. She even worked in the athletics industry after studying recreation and sports management in post-secondary school. Although Stephanie enjoys many different sports and activities, a few of her favorites include curling and baseball – both of which she has played competitively.

Stephanie’s natural athleticism and sense of friendly competition are just a few qualities that make her such a great fit for our team. She loves putting together events for organizations of all kinds, but is especially excited when she gets to lead an active team building activity like The Amazing Chase.

When she’s not planning her next great event, you can find Stephanie reading at the beach, hanging out with friends and family, or playing ultimate frisbee.